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May 27-29, 2024

Cancun Itinerary
Moon Palace Cancun

Henna Ceremony

Monday, May 27, 2024
Sangeet/Mehndi night
Location: Lake Terrace (outdoor)

Attire: Indian Outfit or Semi-Formal


Vibrant and Colorful! Embrace the rainbow, mix and match colors, and come ready to party! 

Get ready to kick off the wedding festivities in style at our Sangeet and Mehndi night! This event is where the fun begins. Expect a night filled with reconnecting, mingling, entertainment, and, of course, some serious partying! We've got delicious food and drinks lined up, and we're bringing in talented henna artists to dress your hands/arms up with stunning designs. So come ready to start this celebration with a bang!

Tuesday, May 28, 2024
Location: Star Ballroom (indoor)

Attire: Indian Outfit or Formal 


There is no specific color theme for this event! Come dressed to impress!

This event is a Hindu ritual that embodies cultural richness and excitement, marking the start of a cherished union. Witness the groom seek blessings from both his family and the divine, invoking prosperity and beauty for his marriage to his future wife. The ceremony will be followed by a delicious meal in the ballroom!


Tuesday, May 28, 2024
Location: Barracuda Beach (outdoor)

Attire: Indian Outfit or Formal


This event leads directly into the wedding ceremony so come dressed up in your best suit or dress!


**Please avoid wearing red as it is the traditional color that the bride and groom will be wearing in their outfits**

The Baraat is a vibrant and joyous procession where the groom, accompanied by family and friends, takes the stage and makes his way to the wedding venue amidst music, dance, and celebration. This lively journey symbolizes the groom's arrival at the bride's home, marking the beginning of a cherished union.


Tuesday, May 28, 2024
Hindu Ceremony
Location: Meditation Garden (outdoor)

Attire: Indian Outfit or Formal Attire


Same outfit that you wore for the Baraat

The Hindu wedding ceremony is a sacred and elaborate ritual symbolizing our union. It includes pre-wedding rituals, the giving away of the bride, sacred fire rituals, the seven steps, and more. Each element carries deep significance. Detailed explanations of these rituals will be provided during the ceremony itself so that you can all follow along!

Vow Exchange.webp

Wednesday, May 29, 2024
Vow Exchange
Location: Barracuda Beach (outdoor)

Attire: Formal


Yes, this event is on the beach, but the attire is still formal! You are all encouraged to wear suits or dresses. Indian wear is not necessary as this event has a primarily Western theme. Feel free to kick off your shoes and enjoy the beach ambiance while we exchange our vows.


**Please do not wear white for this event.**

The Exchange of Vows is our way of adding a touch of Western charm into our wedding festivities. Set against the stunning backdrop of the beach, it provides the perfect canvas for us to declare our love and commitment. Come ready to enjoy the beautiful ambiance of the beach at sunset and embrace the perfect golden hour for unforgettable photos. Following the vow exchange, join us for a delightful cocktail hour, where you are welcome to change into your reception attire, bringing back the vibrant colors and elegance of Indian wear as we prepare for the grand finale of our wedding week. Get ready to celebrate love, unity, and the blending of cultures in a truly magical setting.


Wednesday, May 29, 2024
Cocktail Hour
Location: Galactic Ballroom Foyer (indoor)

Attire: Formal 


For many of you, this will be the same outfit that you wore at the vow exchange. However, you are welcome to change into Formal Western Attire or Indian attire for the reception that will follow!

As the sun sets, we invite you to mingle and indulge in a selection of tantalizing cocktails and gourmet hors d'oeuvres before the start of our reception! Join us as we raise a glass to the start of our happily ever after!

Image by Thomas William

Wednesday, May 29, 2024
Location: Galactic Ballroom (indoor)

Attire: Indian Outfit or Formal


An outfit change here is optional! This final event will feature dark and deep colors. Come dressed in your best evening attire and be ready to dance the night away!

Celebrate our union at one last party: our wedding reception! Step into a world of vibrant colors and melodious music, and indulge in a yummy feast featuring authentic Asian delicacies and scrumptious treats. It's set to be an unforgettable evening of joy and festivity, filled with dancing, heartfelt toasts, laughter, and celebration. Let's make memories together as we embark on this new chapter of our lives.

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